Friday, March 31, 2006

New Car

New Car
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Ele el carrito!


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


YEEEPIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, that. :D

And it's a Mazda 3 with all the gadgets that make it super cool.
And it's brand new, and titanium gray.
And it's super fast, and smooth.
And it looks great.
And I'm very happy with it.
And I'll be posting pictures soon. Very soon.

Ah! we got a new camera, by the way; it's one of those cool ones with super zoom, super quality, super megapixels, super flash, super everything, and we will never, ever, ever take it out partying with us because we don't want it to get drunk (i.e. we might spill cosmopolitans/tequila/margaritas all over it again, so we better leave it at home).

So that's that. :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Para su informacion Senor Lector, presente:

Dos dias y veinte horas de entranamiento despues de empezar mi primer dia de trabajo.
Las cosas van bien.
Ocupada, muy ocupada.
Con sueno.
Me duele la barriga.
Muero por que sea fin de semana.
Ya quiero vacaciones!
Que emocion, en quince dias tengo mi primer cheque.
Oh my God, quince dias... que largo se me hace.
Ya quiero tener platita.
Pero osea, ya! Asi como: ahorita!
Viendo webadas de reality TV en la tele.
No he leido nada desde que termine The Davinci Code. Soy una inculta vagoneta.
Aun no arreglo mi casa luego de la farra loca del sabado.
Se dano mi camara por que le cayo encima un par de copas de margarita. Snif.
Primera quincera se destinara exclusivamente a pagar tarjeta de credito, comprar camara, pagar gimnasio.
Fin del cushki.
Considerando conseguir otro trabajo para tener mas dinero.
... Mejor no.
Preferible ser pobre y libre, a jodida y con plata.
OMG, Natalie Portman is so hot.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Vacations are over

Well, yes. Vacations are over. After one full year of having tons of fun, sleeping 'til late, reading light literature and going shopping for hours my life of leisure is over and now I'm back to work.
I received a phone call this morning offering me a position in a local insurance company and I've accepted.

I'm so looking forward working again! I really miss that feeling of independence that making your own money gives you. Besides, I couldn't live like this for much longer! It's fun, I know, but it can also get really boring, especially when all your friends have something to do and you have nobody to hang out with. And it really sucks being broke all the time, also.

So there! My months of search are over and in the weeks to come I'll get a new car (a mazda 3, I think), we'll buy some furniture for the new apartment and soon enough I'll start complaining about lack of sleep hours and rush hour traffic.

Hell-oh! life as a grown up!.