Friday, August 27, 2004

Life Goes On...

So... I'm back at buffalo, and even though I've been here for only 72 hrs or so I already miss my friends sooooo much, and well, the fact that I have barely seen my boyfriend does not help much so I guess I'm a little depressed and bored as getting used to the slower pace that I experience here is a little hard at the begining. I suppose everything will get better as soon as classes get started and I'm trapped in the rush of the daily papers and tests.
I haven't been reading much lately. Well, I expected not to read at all as I planned to party to death while in Ecuador (which I did), but I managed to read -and almost be done with- "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. What can I say about this book? Uhm... besides being a wonderful work, very detailed and human, I enjoyed so much how the authors is able to make you identify so much with feelings of desperation, pride, depression, sadness and hope, it's just amazing. And of course, the fact that some months ago I was compared to Estella made me read about her with even more hunger and well... yeah, sometimes I do act like her, i.e. every now and then I do behave like a coldhearted bitch, but hey! what's a nice little girl to do about it? I enjoy the way I am, I guess.

Anyway, I just want to be done with this book so I can get started with another one by Antonio Sabato, you know, the guy who wrote "El tunel"?. Really good author, totally paranoic and dark, which are the reasons why I enjoy reading him so much.

Tonight we're going to the Niagara Falls for some shopping, blah blah, I wish I went to Toronto this weekend but the fact that I'm broke didn't help :(

I'll keep updating, meanwhile you keep reading, ok?

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