Friday, October 08, 2004

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I'm tired.
Really tired.
And sort of worried as well.
Have tons of homework, but don't feel like writing any papers or reading to Boccaccio tonight.
Been thinking about my last meeting with my counseling group. There are tons of women really fucked up out there. Including me. However, there is someone in that group, a short-skinny-blond girl who with this tiny-loud voice said something two weeks ago ("you're not selfish!, you are not selfish!") and somehow, amazingly, sporadically, unexpectedly, changed my life ... Literally.
Well, I've been thinking about future posts in this place. I want to get on one of my favorite topics, feminism. And I guess I'll make use of some of the talks we've had in my counseling group ... one of them being that we, as women, definitely need to get rid of many many many stupid ideologies and teachings that keep us stocked in a patriarchal society that limits our lives and fills out minds with remorse. Thus, I want to clean myself of all that, or as Virginia Woolf would say, to "kill the angel in the house". That's what I want to do.

Anyway ... just wanted to let you, dear readers--where the hell did that come from?!?-- know that via Eric I've fund a blog that I enjoy so damn much. This is Jason, and my god, everything is wrong about him (he said it, not me). So click him, read him, and if you feel like it, visit him sometime again.
'til next post people.

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