Thursday, September 15, 2005

"It's All About Finesse"

“It’s all about finesse” is the name of one of my favourite posts in a Weblog ever. Written by one of the co-founders of Blogger, Meg Hourihan, "It's all about finesse" narrates Meg's experience meeting the chef and owner of a restaurant called "The French Laundry", Thomas Keller.
Meg is magnificent in her description of the food that she and her partner enjoyed at Keller’s restaurant and her later meeting with Keller himself, who signed one of the menus and gave it to Meg as a souvenir of that night, which Meg describes as “the most amazing night of [her] life”. In the menu, as if giving her the answer to his awe-inspiring dexterity in the kitchen, Keller wrote what is now the title of this post, “It’s all about Finesse”.

So, here it is, for your enjoyment,
Meg Hourihan’s, It’s all about Finesse

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