Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Yeah, I know… I’ve been as quiet as a dead man around here but, unless I’ve died and haven’t realized it, I’m still kicking – It’s just that, as usual, I haven’t had time or inspiration to post.

Anyway, here I am.

I started my new job today as a quality control inspections coordinator for a multinational organization with locations in more than 112 countries. The job is fun, better than the one I had before, and the environment in the new place seems to be pretty easygoing (at least at first sight). As they tell me I’ll have to learn all the standards and processes in 1/3 of the regular time as I’ll be replacing a girl who’s leaving for grad school in a month and I’ll be in charge of her accounts as she leaves – but I’m pretty smart, so no biggie.

Hmm… went to Canada this weekend and it was fun. Then, uhm.. went to Andrew and Holly’s yesterday for the Brazil-Australia match followed by BBQ South-African style, and for the Friday to come we have tickets to Seinfeld at the Shea’s Performing Arts Center and we have a bottle of Tequila for the get-together after the show, so that should be fun.

Besides that … well, everything else that’s happened is recorded in my Moleskin and I haven’t had the chance to type anything in here so…

Ah, oh yes… The day after tomorrow is my five years anniversary of moving to the USA.


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