Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Today I can gladly announce that the temperature outside is 58F and that this evening, for first time in 4 months, I will go out without a jacket.

I’ve been long waiting for this moment as I am to my eyeballs of the stupid cold weather and the fact that temperatures outside have been so low that it was impossible to go out and walk around at my will.

I am absolutely tired of driving and all I want to do is walk. Fortunately my desperate pleads have been heard and we had a bit of sunshine at noon –so I took my ipod and walked placidly amidst the mud (melt snow and soil produce mud everywhere) towards the bank for about 40 minutes and then went back to sit in my chair and work for another 6 hours.

Today is a joyous day, everybody. The sun is out, it’s 7:09 pm and I already had dinner, and I am about to change and go out just to hang around the area. Tonight I plan to delight myself with the pleasure of going to bed early and see if my body finally accepts the fact that daylight time savings are here and that we are working an hour ahead now.

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