Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day out

I went out for a walk today. It was a three-hour walk to a shopping mall across the street and then to couple of stores about 5 blocks away from the hotel. It wasn’t a long distance but just crossing the streets took me for-ev-er!

The traffic is so crazy here, and there’s so much beeping from every car in the road that it’s really distracting and I get easily spooked because I feel as if I’m standing in the wrong place or something and all the beeping is against me. Booh booh!

Haha! Ok. Enough of Princess Sufferer. My walk today was pretty fun. I love going out and experiencing India first hand. Although I must admit that if I would have been born and raised in the USA I would be going through a major cultural shock, but having the experience of living in a third world country for 18 years have prepared me for what I’ve seen around here.

The shopping mall I went today is this one:

And then I walked down road 10, which looks like this:

After 15 minutes walk I got to a building with six or seven posh stores including Anokhi which is pretty nice store that I found out about thanks to my friend Bijal. Anokhi has shirts and pants and skirts and they also sell bedclothes and tablecloths, all of them with very nice and original printings – everything really, really nice.

I couldn't leave the store without getting me a little something, so I got me this red purse and a cosmetics baggy that I luuuv.

After I came back to the hotel I was exhausted – the heat really takes all my strength away, and just crossing the streets requires a lot of concentration, so I watched a Woody Allen movie through our SlingBox which is this handy device that is connected to our Tivo which itself is connected to our friend’s Victor’s DirectTV in San Antonio, Texas.

Can you believe it? We’re watching live TV directly from the US so we don’t miss any of our TV shows – yay! :)

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equipo ideal - Garabato Rojo said...

Princess Sufferer???? jajajajaja....ya pasenseff la clave del slingbox!!! ya extranhio ver sarah connor chronicles jaja...aunquesea en studio(sweatshop como le dicen ahora)