Tuesday, November 30, 2004

just a couple of things to say...

let me see...
- In 13 days I'll be on vacation ... well... not really, but almost -- don't feel like getting into details about it though.
- I have been pre-registered for my classes at University of London, in London, UK. I know I said I would be going to Westminster, but University of London just looked better ;)
- The last four days I've been in NYC for the thanksgiving break. I met my dear friend Andres there, we walked around, talked a lot, laughed quiet a bit, drank tons of bear, smoke half a dozen cigarrettes, etc. etc. and then we said goodbye, once more. :S
- I'm sick. I have an awful and painful cough that does not let me sleep. Hope a good dosis of Robitussin several times a day helps me go through this issue without losing much time in bed due to the symptoms.

That's about it.
'til next time!

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