Saturday, November 13, 2004

London ... London ... London ...

Well... it seems that I am really going to London, and actually, I'm leaving earlier than I thought. I barely have six weeks left at Buffalo which means that I'll have about a week to pack eeeeeverything in my apartment and leave it in storage until I'm back, probably in a year, but hopefully in longer time.
ehm.. yes, I'm excited. very excited. super excited!!!! but I have been thinking about what it means to move to Europe. I wonder how am I going to take this change. Obviously the American system is soooo different from the European one, people, culture, society, etc. etc. differ so much, and well... I have been living in America for my whole life, except a few months while in High School when I went to Germany, so I don't know how is it going to be like... I mean... to begin with, even electricity is different! my hair drier won't work there! bye bye Tivo! hasta la vista Home Theater! ciao electronic tootbrush! ... *sigh*... anyway, this is exactly why I want to leave. I am too attached to everything now. I'll have to sell my car, that even though it is an old and cheap one, has been my partner since I first came to America, in 2000. Then, I'll have to leave everything non-essential behind, that is, furtniture, appliances, two of my three computers, tons of books (snif snif sniffffff), some of my dolls and toys, my small collection of Kandinsky's reproductions, and probably a few pairs of shoes (!!!!) ... so, you get the idea. This will make me stronger. This will help me to grow. This is going to be sad though.

anyway ... besides the material stuff I'm leaving behind, there are so many memories that are going to be attached to this place. I know I don't like Buffalo, and I know I don't like to live in America that much, but gee! I have learned so much here! This place has been home for the last four years. School is here. Friends are here. Toronto is so near by! ... *deep sigh*

London promises to be really cool though. I'm going to school there. It's going to be my last semester, and I won't have as many classes. I'm going to get a job, and I'll travel around ... a lot!. Some of my closest friends are there. People I've met for a long time will be close by as well. and besides that... I mean ... come on! it's London! it's England! the home land of Colplay! The Beatles! Elton John! Virginia Woolf! Geoffrey Chaucer! Shakespeare! Annie Lennox !!!! ... I'm definitelly looking forward for this new experience. It's time now. I'm ready.

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