Monday, July 11, 2005

Something nice

Something really nice happened to me today.
I was walking right behind London Bridge Tube Station (going to the Ronald McDonald House to cook for the families whose kids are sick at Guys Hospital), and chatting with N over my mobile, when I heard a voice behind me of a guy who just stood there looking at me and after a few seconds told me "excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I just saw you crossing the street and I think you are gorgeous", and I just smiled and kept walking and talking to my boyfriend, while he just walked the other way. It was really cute :)

And the reason I am writing this is because, even though I thought it was a particularly unusual event, everytime that I try to remember it, the happening seems to be more and more blurry, so I just thought it would be nice to write it here so that in a few years I remember that some random guy (he didn't look like he was a freak, but who knows) just walked towards me to say something nice.

... and, well, I must say, I did look pretty hot today LOL :D

Best to all!

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