Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Vacations are over

Well, yes. Vacations are over. After one full year of having tons of fun, sleeping 'til late, reading light literature and going shopping for hours my life of leisure is over and now I'm back to work.
I received a phone call this morning offering me a position in a local insurance company and I've accepted.

I'm so looking forward working again! I really miss that feeling of independence that making your own money gives you. Besides, I couldn't live like this for much longer! It's fun, I know, but it can also get really boring, especially when all your friends have something to do and you have nobody to hang out with. And it really sucks being broke all the time, also.

So there! My months of search are over and in the weeks to come I'll get a new car (a mazda 3, I think), we'll buy some furniture for the new apartment and soon enough I'll start complaining about lack of sleep hours and rush hour traffic.

Hell-oh! life as a grown up!.


Guambra Cosmero said...

Era mas que obvio que una persona tan interesante tenga un blog.

keep posting!

Magusita said...

gracias por tu comentario y por pasarte por aqui! :)