Tuesday, May 09, 2006

San Francisco in Jell-O

Woops! Almost forgot to mention about this...
In San Francisco an artist called Liz Hickok created scale models of the city of San Francisco using Jell-O. Due to the fact that Jell-O decays (eh.. duh!) , Hickok took many fotographs and filmed her work so as to show it to those of us who didn't manage to be in the beautiful San Francisco at time to see this project live. So here they are: The picture to your left shows a panoramic view of San Francisco bay. All those colors make me crave yummy Jell-O! In an interview in NPR (National Public Radio), Hickok did mention that in some cases she created two replicas of one model: one to show and another one for people to eat -- wouldn't it be cool to eat the Coit Tower in a single bite? I think it would... (but of course, I am a nerd and get excited by simple things).

The picture in the right shows the Bay Bridge lighted from underneath and with the foggy effects created by-always helpful-dry ice.

For more pictures you can go to LizHickok.com and somewhere in that page there's also a video where you can see the Jell-O in process of decay.

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