Wednesday, September 05, 2007

People I'd like to meet

1) Jude Law - Because he's so fucking handsome
2) Ira Glass - Because I like the way he thinks and talks
3) David Sedaris - Because he's one of my favorite writers
4) Jerry Seinfeld - Because I've had a crush on him forever
5) Madeleine Albright - Because she's a strong woman
6) Ellen Degeneres - Because she's funny and smart
7) My great-grandmother - Because I've heard she was amazing
8) Annie Liebovitz - Because I love her art
9) Isabel Allende - Because during my teenage years she was my personal icon
10) My boyfriend's grandfather - Because I think we would have understood each other well

1 comment:

sylvia said...

:) Me gusta tu blog...te invito a pasarte por el mío :) (te he encontrado buscando Sedaris) Saludos,