Monday, September 03, 2007

Talking about craftiness...

Guaguas de Pan (Bread Children).
This was an experiment we worked on for Eastern. I followed a recipe found online and the rest was pure imagination. Please note that my bread children do not look at all like the traditional ones - the bread children made by the experts have clover for eyes and are not as colorful as these ones. Still I believe it was a very good try and although it took me about 3 hours to make just two of these, it was worth the hard work as they were very soft and tasty.

Sugar Cookies.
We love baking cookies on the weekends. There's something special about getting together with my boys, preparing the dough, and then cutting the cookies and decorating them in different colors and shapes (my brother and I usually do this together, and we just let our imagination fly when it comes to the decoration).
In this photo you can see a couple of cyclops, a vampire, and a teddy bear, but this is not all - in our repertoire we've seen reproductions of the Hulk, a few cylons, murdered teddies (with blood running from the foreheads), hungry dinosaurs, little men post-surgery, and the likes.

Crochet Totoros
I believe you've seen these ones before. These are my Totoros which I made thanks to a wonderful pattern by
Heaven's Hellcat. I've been hooked to the art of crocheting since I started working on these creatures, and I believe these won't be the last you'll see posted in this blog.

I got into knitting thanks to my girlfriends in London who were very skilled knitters and patient teachers and took it on their hands to teach me how to work on the basics of this art. Since then I've made innumerable scarves (which are mostly worn my boyfriend, my brother, and myself) and a green hat that came very handy in the cold mornings during last winter.
The scarf in the photo is an experiment which turned out very nice. I found the instructions online on how knit cables and since then most of my patterns have had one or many of them.

Although is not the art that I'm the best at -and I'm still in diapers when it comes to it- photography is probably the artistic hobby that I enjoy the most. I still need to get a decent SLR of my own and keep experimenting until I get to produce decent photos, but I guess it's all a matter of perseverance.
As I said before, I'm in diapers when it comes to taking photos, so please be kind with your criticism - which is always welcome, by the way ;)