Friday, February 05, 2010

Scenes From a Memory VI

Woman wearing a Sahri, originally uploaded by magusita.
It was just a few days since we moved to Hyderabad, and it was not only our first Saturday in the city but also the first day that the major jet-lag we were going through had not taken the best of us.

We were on our way to the Old City, which is where the original city of Hyderabad was founded, to see the Charminar, the most famous landmark in the city.

It was a hot day, one of many very hot days we had yet to experience. The huge crowds, the heat, the smells, the total lack of personal space, the noises, the pollution were all so foreign and yet so familiar – I remember thinking to myself how fortunate I was to have grown up in Ecuador since my experiences over there helped to tone down the cultural shock over here.

There are two things that I remember the most about the my early days in Hyderabad: the intense, dry, relentless heat that took all my strength away and left me dizzy and weak in no time; and the explosion of colors everywhere: bright pinks, bright oranges, bright yellows and reds, bright greens and blues, bright whites, which seemed even more vivid when juxtaposed with the intensely dark black burkas worn by hundreds of women around town.

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