Monday, May 02, 2005


I've been checking this blog every sunday for several months now. It's called PostSecret and the idea is to encourage people to send their anonymous secrets in a postcard to be posted in this place, which has become a very interesting 'refugee' for all kinds of secrets.

Some of the secrets are shocking, others are very sweet, some are scary, others are sad, some seem totally fake, while others have that 'je ne ce qui' that make you feel that there's an actual person behind them, feeling those things, who sometimes is disturbed by that secret, and who decided to send it to Frank, PostSecret's owner, God knows why. The thing is that all of them are posted there, waiting for you to read them, maybe to figure out who sent them, but definitely losing their status as 'secrets' as they are common knowledge once Frank has set them free on the net.

There are a couple of secrets that really hit me when I first read them, particularly because it was like reading pieces of information so hidden within myself that I didn't realize they were there until I read them in this blog (and no, the secret up there was not one of the ones I felt identified with -- I guess I rather keep them for myself).

So, I encourage you guys to check out this place, and send your secrets. Why not? Maybe someday we'll get to read each other's 'darkest something' without realizing it.

-- Oh, and for those of you who listen to NPR, Frank had an interview at "All Things Considered" where nice Michelle Norris asked him about the origin, development and purpose of this blog. Enjoy.

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