Monday, November 21, 2005


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This is Miloso, my dearest Teddy Bear. The Miloso you see in this picture is the twin brother of the 'original' Miloso, a brown, soft and cute teddy bear I got when I was a baby. We bought this Miloso a couple of years ago with my parents, when in a trip to NYC we saw it in Toys R' Us and were shocked by its similarity to the Teddy Bear of my childhood. From that time on, this Miloso has lived with me wherever I've moved, while the original Miloso is still kept by my parents and brother in Quito, the place where it has lived for more than twenty years.

Just in case you are wondering, the name "Miloso" comes from a mix of two spanish words "Mi Oso" (My Bear). When I was a little child, I couldn't pronounce "Mi Oso" but instead any time I wanted my toy I would say "Miloso" and from that time on, that has been Miloso's name.

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