Monday, July 26, 2004

25 Things I´ve stolen from you.

1. Your words. Specially the cursed ones.
2. The way you do like that with your hair.
3. How you move your spoon while drinking your capuccino.
4. The way you hold your cigarrette.
5. How you open your eyes when you are surprised/excited about something.
6. How you write your name in the first page of every book you read. And how you never forget to write the date you started to read it and the date you finished.
7. That way you have to organize your favorite links in your laptop.
8. How you change your wallpaper several times a day.
9. The way you write something in a blank paper and leave it there, for me to keep.
10. Your messy hair.
11. Your smileys.
12. How you look at people.
13. That lovely way you have to tell someone that he´s stupid.
14. That way to look at me and make me horny.
15. That place between your neck and shoulder where my head fits perfectly when I´m asleep.
16. How we stay up all night just talking about life, and about each other.
17. The way you just disappear from my sight.
18. How you show up, break my heart, and leave again.
19. How you hold my arm when we are walking in the streets.
20. The way you cover my ears when they´re cold.
21. How easy it is for you to figure out impossible puzzles.
22. The way you look at me and smile when I´m telling you a story.
23. How your head moves when I´m telling you a secret.
24. How you call me "precious".
25. How you talk to my ear from behind when I´m writing.

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