Friday, November 13, 2009

Chocolate Cherry Cake

I do not have a liking for chocolate just because it is chocolate – unlike some people who go “oooh! Chocolate!” even when presented with bad quality chocolate like those disgusting Hershey’s bars that leave one’s mouth with a fatty, revolting after-taste.

Anyway … I was saying that I am not that into chocolate for the sake of chocolate. I am very selective when it comes to the kind and the amount of chocolate I eat; for instance, I believe that for the most part the most commercial brands of chocolate in the US are crap - I thought, as many of coworkers also did, that this is because I am rather snobbish (and proudly so) and for that reason I do not like the flavor of vending machine chocolate, but no no no! It actually happens that chocolate in the US is made with beet sugar (not cane sugar as chocolate in Europe) and they use larger quantities of sugar and less of cocoa butter, which is the opposite to European chocolate; therefore, the Cadbury’s you buy in the UK, although also owned by the Hershey’s brand taste better on the west side of the Atlantic because they are of better quality, higher fat content, and higher price.

Thus, since I am so picky with my food consumption, I’ve struggled to find a good, moist, not exceedingly rich but rich enough chocolate cake that would make me go to heaven and back in a single taste. Therefore I searched on good old for the best rated chocolate cake and found this one, which not only has chocolate, but combines it with what is one of my favorite foods/flavors: cherries.

So, I’m preparing this cake tonight for a birthday party at work tomorrow, and once it’s all set will let you know how it went.




Update 2:

Cake was a big success at work, but it wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. It was too sweet for my taste and the flavor of Cherries and Almonds was overpowered by the taste of Chocolate.

When it comes to cakes I myself prepare I believe I’ll stick with this Carrot Cake recipe that seriously is to die for.

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ximenita said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh carambas se ve buenazoooooo ya solo con verlo jeje...y eso que no puedo ni oler ahorita....pinche dieta... pero bueno ya despues en unos 3 meses me pego un mordisco jeje